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The Classic

Clean, cool and comtemporary - this bag never goes out of style. With it's minimilistic lines, midnight black leather and luxurious feel The Classic rocks the board room or the weekend.

Cradle Slate Bag

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Cradle Slate Bag

The Vintage

This is the intersection where rugged history meets modern style. The Vintage is the perfect blend for those who are serious about business - but love creativity and style. The Vintage makes a statement in the business world or cruises at a cafe.

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The Future

Catch a glimpse of the future. This is for those who stand apart from the crowd. For those who think different - and have the style to match. Porcelain white leather, this bag easily makes a statement in the creative or fashion scene.

Cradle Slate Bag

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We wanted something different. Something simple. Cool. Stylish with jeans. Or crisp with a suit. Problem was, the bags we found were either way too complex, too limited to protect our technology, or not stylish.

So we decided to design our own.

Inspired from Italian fashion, built for the technology of today - we aimed to merge fashion and versatile technology protection into a leather bag that we'd actually use.

Read More Below - or watch this cool video from Vimeo. It's not ours (ours isn't ready yet), but we thought you'd appreciate something interesting anyway.

Everything was hand designed, hand picked and carefully labored over. The leathers were chosen for not only colour - but for feel. The inner material was picked because it blended with the tones of the bag - but was also closest to micro-film, that material you use to clean your tablet or laptop screen. We sorted through padding - enough to absorb the daily shocks that your technology would go through - lightweight enough to be overlooked and forgotten.

We choose water-resistant materials, compared thread strengths, and carefully weighed zipper pulls in our hands. We choose zippers that, if you closed your eyes and used them, felt smooth, and inner zippers that were designed to be scratch resistant.

We wanted the look to match the feel. The feel to match functionality. And protection to quitely exist behind the scenes of your style.

Then we looked at how you'd actually use a bag. And we stripped it down to the core functionality.

It should hold your gear. Protect your tech. And match your style. You decide the rest.

The sleek, classic and minimalistic designs of Cradle Slate were forged for the everyday the business elite, the urban creative and the Apple futureist. Everything we did was driven by attention to detail and a minimilistic style at it's purest. Every bag is 100% leather, 100% protection, 100% style.

Welcome to Cradle Slate.


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